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5M Miss Mackovska

Fun things to do

Dear 5M,

I hope you are well and trying hard with your learning. 

This package contains work for the next two weeks. I will be in contact with you over this time to check in and see how you are and to assist you if you need help with any tasks. 

Attached is a suggested timetable for you to follow but I understand if you are unable to get through all the work .. Your family will support you and help select what activities you should complete each day. Included are some websites you can visit to support your learning. If you don't have a device, don't worry as these tasks are optional. I have attached your login details for Reading Eggs and Mathletics should you need them. 

At the beginning of the booklet there are some pages which have ideas for brain breaks, a fitness challenge and on line resources you can look at for extra learning opportunities. I have included a reading challenge which is optional and a medal tally for when the Olympic begin. Go Australia! 

I hope we can all be back at school together soon! 

Take care and stay safe, 

Miss Mackovska 

There are regular updates on the departments education LIVE website. You can also access extra units of work. 

If you love technology, this website is for you. T4L kids is an interactive magazine which has activities for you to try. Log on to the website and click on the link T4L Kids select a magazine to read. 

Use your login to access these websites. Work through each stage at your own pace. 

Check out to watch live streams of the animals and go on zoo tours. 

Each week we watch and discuss the stories on BTN. You can access the latest videos on this website. 

Keep up to date with the 2021 Olympics through this website:

We practise mindfulness with Miss Danni from Life Skills. Here is a link to the website where you can find some resources if you would like to do yoga at home. 


Term 3 Weeks 2

Here is a full copy of each weeks learning package in case you need it:

Term 3 Weeks 3

Here is a full copy of each weeks learning package in case you need it: